Helicopter flights are a modern and affordable way to travel. This mode of transport has many advantages, which are appreciated by clients of helitours. With us you can order a charter business flight to any point of the country and present an unforgettable trip to your loved ones on important events or dates. Many companies use helitour’s services for business trips and organization of corporate vacations. Private clients more often order excursions or gift certificates for them.

Have you not flown with us yet? We will give you good reasons why you should at least try.


The benefits of flying by helicopter cannot be overestimated. There are five reasons why you should definitely use this transport:

  1. Speed – business people who know the value of time choose to travel by helicopter. Driving in a car on not the best domestic roads with disorganized traffic in the cities, waiting for a train or plane can take a lot of time, besides, it is not always convenient when every minute counts. A helicopter flight takes much less time than a trip by land transport and does not depend on an airplane’s schedule. The client appoints the date and time of the flight himself;
  2. Comfort: No need for specially equipped places for taking off and landing. The helicopter can easily land on the roof of a high house, a glade in the woods, and a site in the mountains. Sometimes it is possible to land in places that are not easily accessible even by car;
  3. Safety – the pilots of the company are experienced specialists, with many hours in the air, and possess all required certificates for passenger flights. Before take-off passengers are thoroughly briefed on safety rules and rules of conduct in the helicopter. An insurance policy is necessarily issued for each flight participant;
  4. It is entertaining and informative to look at home country from the height of clouds which will be very interesting not only for children. Many adults admiringly look at cities, villages, forests, mountains and lakes, above which helicopter flies. Adrenaline is released in the blood even before takeoff, so the flight will long remain in memory as a fascinating adventure;
  5. The cost – helitour’s offers democratic prices for the flights. The cost of such a trip is not much higher than a plane ticket, which is fully justified, considering all the advantages of flying by helicopter.

Customers’ wishes and their safety are a priority for our pilots.