Bell UH-1 (Huey)

The Bell Huey is an American multi-purpose helicopter by Bell Helicopter, also known as the Bell UH-1 Iroquois. It is one of the most famous and mass machines in the history of helicopter building. It has been in serial production since 1960. There are a large number of military and civil modifications.

Bell Huey is a multipurpose military transport helicopter of single-rotor design with tail rotor. The main rotor is a twin-blade rotor with semi-rigid blades, 533 mm wide. Powerplant was a Honeywell T53-L-703 turboshaft engine rated at 1342 kW; the standard fuel reserve of 799 liters could be supplemented with two internal auxiliary fuel tanks, each with a capacity of 284 liters.


The fuselage was of semi-monocoque construction, with a cockpit for two side-by-side pilots at the front of the fuselage. Behind the cockpit there is a payload compartment. In the lower part of the fuselage there is a loop for carrying cargo on an external suspension. Steel skis are used as landing devices, on which inflatable floats can be installed to allow the helicopter to take off and land on water. Power plant consists of one or two turboshaft engines. Gear and engine are located along the axis of the helicopter in the upper part of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The control system is equipped with hydraulic boosters. Fuel system of the helicopter includes two tanks, located behind the cockpit in the center of gravity of the helicopter. In order to increase the ferry range, two additional tanks can be installed inside the fuselage. Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems of the helicopter are powered by the engine. The helicopter is equipped with a navigation and avionics suite, landing searchlights and navigation lights.


Two 7.62 mm machine guns can be installed in the doorways. The external sling can carry machine guns, guided missile weapons, and unguided rocket launchers: 7-round, 19-round 70 mm rocket launchers, or 24-round 70 mm rocket launchers. In the nose of the helicopter can be installed a 40-mm grenade launcher with 150 or 300 rounds, fully controlled by the pilot.


“Huey” is the official name in the United States Marine Corps.


The Huey II helicopter is currently the only OEM-approved modification of the UH-1H helicopter to date. The Huey II combines all new commercial dynamic components with the reliable Honeywell T53-L-703 engine, resulting in increased hover performance in hot conditions. In addition, the Huey II modification increases maximum weight to 4,763 kg, while reducing direct operating costs. Based on the UH-1H fuselage, the Huey II has a complete new wiring package, upgraded avionics, and a wide range of mission-specific options and configurations. So whether it’s a human transport, a hot climate medical evacuation, or a VIP flight, the Huey II can handle it all.

At first glance, the Huey may seem like a slow, rumbling relic of the Cold War era. However, a closer look reveals that it is an extremely spacious, quiet and reliable helicopter. Once the latest updated and upgraded software is added during production, it immediately becomes apparent why the Bell Huey II UH-1H remains a firm favorite among high society with specific requests for comfort. With its 20 square feet, the Huey is able to offer a level of comfort comparable to business class seats on commercial aircraft.



Maximum cruising speed, km/h 196
Flight range, km 455
Maximum flight duration (time), h > 2,6

Standard number of seats 1 pilot + 12 passengers
Maximum number of seats 1 pilot + 14 passengers
Standard fuel tank, l 799
Cabin volume, m3 6,2

Mass of empty helicopter (basic configuration), kg 2 552
Useful load
(cargo inside the cab, basic configuration), kg
2 210
Maximum takeoff weight (cargo inside the cabin), kg 4 763
Maximum takeoff weight (with cargo on external sling), kg 5 080
Weight of cargo carried on the external sling, kg 2 268
Propulsion system:

Engine Honeywell T53-L-703 х 1
Maximum power,
supplied to the transmission by the power plant, kW
1 342