What is known about the A119 helicopter

A119 Koala is an eight-seat single-engine gas turbine helicopter, developed on the basis of twin-engine helicopter A109.

Manufacturer – Agusta Westland (Italy). First flight of the helicopter made in early 1995. Serially produced since 1996.

The helicopter fuselage is made of aluminum alloys. Dynamic system – a classic for light helicopters with a single gas turbine engine P&W PT6B-37A, installed in the upper rear of the fuselage, which seamlessly passes into the tail boom. The four-bladed main rotor blades are made of composites, the propeller hub is made of titanium. The two-bladed tail rotor is installed on the left side of the keel. The helicopter has a non-retractable ski landing gear.

A119 Koala is equipped with the modern piloting equipment, the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), three-axis autopilot, duplicated hydraulic control system, satellite and radio navigation equipment.

The cargo and passenger cabin is equipped with large sliding doors, one on each side, for six passengers or two stretcher-bound patients. A seventh passenger can take the co-pilot’s seat.

The helicopter is intended for use as a corporate, VIP transport, ambulance, search and rescue, police, military and coast guard.

A119 Koala is a multi-purpose helicopter, and is available in several modifications:

  • Law enforcement – helicopter of this modification is designed for law enforcement forces and can be equipped with appropriate equipment;
  • Fire Fighting – designed for firefighting, and at customer’s request can be equipped with special firefighting system or basket on the external sling;
  • EMS/SAR – medical version of the helicopter designed to transport two patients and accompanying personnel;
  • Corporate/VIP – in this modification saloon is equipped with additional means of comfort, and is designed for transportation of passengers with the maximum level of comfort.


  • Maximal speed – 281 km/h
  • Cruising speed – 267 km/h
  • The maximum flight range is 991 km
  • Maximum flight time – 5,45 hours
  • Maximum flight altitude – 6096 m
  • Fuselage length – 11,17 m
  • Length with propeller – 13,02 m
  • Height – 3,77 m
  • Total takeoff weight – 2720 kg
  • Payload – 1290 kg
  • Number of crew members – 1
  • Number of passengers – 7
  • Luggage compartment capacity – 0,95 cubic meters.
  • The maximum refueling capacity is 460 liters.